Discovering charming villages and hamlets, almost suspended in time, located just a few minutes from Levanto’s beach.

Well, one of the most suggestive hikes in Levanto leads us to the discovery of characteristic views, small villages, pretty sea view spots, and moments of everyday life apparently belonging to a distant past.

No need to move your car or catch a train to enjoy this amazing hike: you start walking directly downtown Levanto and take a loop tour of about 3 hours and thirty minutes.

I walked it on a beautiful late summer afternoon, the ideal time, together with autumn, to hike along this region’s paths and admire the sea from above.

Starting in levanto

I walked towards “the mountains,” taking Corso Roma and then, at the railroad overpass, via Viviani from downtown Levanto. I continued along the paved road for about a kilometer till it turns right.

You can already find the signs to our first destinations at this crossroad: the village of Ridarolo and the church of San Bartolomeo, on path 575. The signs are always excellent, so there is no danger of getting lost!


Leaving the road, the path slips uphill into the woods until it reaches, after 15 minutes, the small hamlet of Ridarolo. I recommend you take a few minutes to admire the view of the valley and the villages that you will visit later.

Also, get lost for a while in its narrow streets to grasp its essence.

the tiny church of SAN BARTOLOMEO

After taking the usual photos, get back on the road, still on path 575, heading to San Bartolomeo’s church. After leaving Ridarolo, the panorama gives us a splendid view of Levanto with its beach and the surrounding mountains.

And here we are at the small church of San Bartolomeo, in the wood. A truly suggestive place, inviting you to take a break to catch your breath and strength.

Keep walking for a few minutes on path 575 and then take, on the right, the 570 with indication Bardellone-Legnaro.

This is the wildest part of the whole excursion: the path becomes narrower, and we are surrounded by vegetation. We always follow the mountain’s course, passing some small watercourses, and getting closer to the village of Legnaro, with its characteristic bell tower.


Once in the village, visit the church of San Pietro and admire the crown of mountains that frame the village. Its houses and narrow caruggi (i.e. Ligurian typical narrow alleys) that descend towards the sea are really suggestive.

It is a bit complicated from the town center to find the signs that lead us to our next destination, the hamlet of Chiesanuova. I advise you to ask some inhabitants to avoid wasting precious time.

The two villages are very close, and this part of the excursion runs mainly on the paved road.


Chiesanuova welcomed me with its beautiful views of Legnaro and with its super suggestive corners.

A legend tells of Emperor Otto III’s stopped here in 996, on his way to Rome, and this could support the theory of the birth of this nucleus before the year 1000. 

walking downhill to LEVANTO

Time to walk downhill till Levanto.

From the center of Chiesanuova, follow the white and red signs (it is very evident between the houses of the village), and descend steeply on path 574 until you reach a paved road where you can see the signs to Fontona, plunging back into the woods until you reach the center of this small lovely hamlet.

Almost done with this beautiful hike. In Fontona you can already see the signs to Levanto: pass a small stone bridge and reach the hamlet of Piè di Fontona and the paved road that leads back to Via Viviani and then to Levanto, the final point of this excursion through villages and hamlets.


This is a small preview of the various excursions you can enjoy in Levanto.

Another excursion that I recommend is the one that follows the route of the Mangialonga, an itinerant hiking-lunch experience connecting Levanto to the villages of Lavaggiorosso, Groppo, Dosso, and Casella. A full-day hiking marvel!

I also really liked the walk that leads to Bonassola, in close contact with the sea: you follow the cycle path, built along the ancient railway road, passing various tunnels and getting downtown Bonassola, where you can relax on the beach and enjoy its pretty houses with typical Ligurian colors.

Also, don’t miss the amazing hike from Levanto to Punta Mesco, from where you can enjoy a unique view of the Cinque Terre.

And how could an excursion in the mountains around Levanto end? But with a dip in the sea, of course!!! Going from a mountain environment to a purely marine one in this area is only a matter of minutes. So, don’t forget your swimsuit!

Next stops on the Eastern Italian Riviera Coast

For next summer, almost upon us, I have already planned a new stay on the eastern coast, this time to widen the circle and discover new villages and hiking paths, always with a sea view.

I have actually planned to visit these villages:

Have you already hiked from these villages? If so, enter your suggestions in the comments to this post!

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