A path full of secrets, to reach the top of the most impressive and characteristic mountain in the Levanto area.

From Levanto you walk towards Vallesanta, going up the road that starts from Villa Rossana.

At the top, cross the provincial asphalted road that leads to Bonassola, meeting the paths 671 and 671V: the first reaches the top of Monte delle Streghe and is a very steep direct route, the second is an ancient quarry road that runs along, more gently, the Monte delle Streghe on the east side.

Both paths rejoin on a plateau from which you continue on path 671.


These places are characterized by a particular geology and populated by rare and protected plants and animals.

On the way you can observe the chromatic variations of the ophiolithic rocks, formed by submarine volcanic activities millions of years ago.

These rocks are not hospitable for all botanical varieties and those that are best suited to these substrates are some, very fragrant, aromatic and healing herbs of the Mediterranean scrub: thyme, savory, santolina, helichrysum, myrtle, rue … Some of these plants they are protected, others regulated and it is therefore appropriate to respect them in their slow and courageous growth.

Due to the geological, botanical and particular animal species that live there, the whole area is part of a SIC (Site of Community Importance).

Going up the path, you can see evidence of the extraction of the so-called “Rosso Levanto“, a stone widely traded and exported in the past for the beauty of its reddish-green colors and white veins.

Hidden in these slopes there are many testimonies of ancient crafts, now almost disappeared, such as those of miners, quarrymen and stonemasons, which evoke stories from the past.


The path arrives at Passo del Colletto, a crossroads of various routes: path 673 leads to the village of Lavaggiorosso, a short connection leads to the Alta Via delle Cinque Terre, the 663 leads towards San Giorgio, Montaretto, Bonassola, while the 665 reaches at the top of Monte Rossola.

Once at the top the panorama is 360°, reaching in the distance to see, in clear weather, the mountains of the Val di Vara, the Apuan Alps, the islands and the coast of Liguria, up to the Maritime Alps and France.

From the summit you can continue, descending from the sea side, steep and bumpy, coming to connect with path 664 and the SVA, which connects Levanto to Bonassola; or go back by choosing to return to the outward journey, or extend your excursion to other destinations, once you return to Passo del Colletto.


Length: 8 km
Total difference in height: 1000 m.
Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty: medium
Departure: Levanto
Arrival: Bonassola
Paths n .: 671, 665, 664  

The route in brief: Departure from the “Levanto bar”, go up taking path n. 671, after 2 kilometers uphill you arrive at a crossroads where you take the path on the left (n. 665), which leads to the top of Monte Rossola. From here take path no. 664 for Bonassola, where you arrive at the railway station.

A post by Marta Mingucci

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