16 Luglio

Amfiteatrof Music Festival – Stellerranti: Klezmer music arrives on Broadway!

Chiesa di Sant'Andrea, Piazza Massola, Levanto, SP, Italia


Stellerranti: Klezmer music arrives on Broadway!


Apparently distant worlds, that of the snowy Jewish villages of Eastern Europe, and the glittering world of the American musical. Actually linked by subtle textures made of nostalgia and unforgettable atmospheres: let’s think, for example, of the all-Jewish melancholy that pervades an evergreen like “Somewhere” or the intriguing events narrated in “The violinist on the roof”, very successful musical comedy, which later became classic of the cinema.

Stellerranti, present themselves as restless contemporary storytellers and propose a music with a nomadic soul. A music in which “… everything flows almost naturally and drags the elements of the musical language of an enlightened and cosmopolitan European culture into its liquid progression.” (Gianni Lucini).

The artists

Cinzia Bauci and Pierantonio Gallesi are the founders of the Stellerranti group; since 2012 they have been presented in trio with violinist Lydia Cevidalli. In 2012 they published the cd Cabaret Europa and in 2014 Kabarett, piano and voice; in 2016 Cabaret Chagall, with Lydia Cevidalli

The concert

Klezmorim welcome song (storytellers from Eastern Europe)
Evenu Shalom
Traditional Piedmontese linked to Pesach (Passover)
The kid
Traditional Sephardic for Hannukah (Festival of Winter Enlightenment)
Ocho kandelikas
Traditional Purim (Jewish Carnival)
Honor the beautiful Purim
Yiddish Tango
Niggun (song without words of Ashkenazi tradition)
Warshaw – Tants Yedelekhs tants
Kurt Weill
Morität, from The Threepenny Opera
George Gershwin
An American in Paris, the main theme
Jerry Bock
Matchmaker, from The Violinist on the Roof
Leonard Bernstein
Somewhere, from West Side Story
M. David and Al Hoffman
Dreams are desires, from Cinderella
Shalom Segunda
Bei mir bist Du schein
Yiddish Song
Wedding Jewish Song
Choson kale

Data, ora e località

Map pin Chiesa di Sant'Andrea, Piazza Massola, Levanto, SP, Italia

Calendario 16 Luglio 2019, ore 21.30

Posizione e contatti

Officine del Levante

Organizzato da

Amfiteatrof Music Festival

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