5 August

CelloPlay: BaRocko, from Vivaldi to Queen

Casinò Municipale Levanto, Levanto, SP, Italia


CelloPlay: BaRocko- from Vivaldi to Queen

CelloPlay Quartet was born in 2015 from the desire of four musicians who have known each other for years and work together, in various musical contexts. A quartet of cellos to take advantage of the enormous tonal and expressive range that this instrument possesses. Founding characteristics of the group are the constant confrontation that does not become rivalry, the profitable exchange to deepen the study of the interpretation and technique of the instrument, the desire to re-read the repertoire with a different eye, lively, curious and open to multiple stimuli. The members of the quartet have made very different routes in terms of geographical origin, age and personal artistic path. This heterogeneity is the lifeblood for the group: there are no teachers and students, there is no leader, there are no fixed roles, but a continuous exchange of ideas and suggestions. Today’s reality, with its solicitations, has an undoubted effect on our way of making music, and the intent is to highlight all the aspects, even the most contrasting ones. And so the repertoire ranges from Bach to Piazzolla, from Purcell to Queen, from Vivaldi to Sollima, thus crossing all musical genres: from classical to rock, from pop to South American music. The objective of the CelloPlay Quartet is to suggest the idea of ​​a society where people of formation and different generations can meet, live and work in harmony, convinced of the fact that everyone can enrich the other thanks to the intentions and ideals that unite them : love for music and its immense beauty.

The cellists

Filippo Burchietti

Simone Centauro

Francesca Gaddi

Cristiano Sacchi


The concert program

Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto in G minor for two cellos (squared!)
arrangement by F. Burchietti

Pëtr Il’ič Čiaikovskij, From the Youth Album op.39:
Baba Jaga
Winter morning
In church – Polka
Morning prayer-Fable of the nanny
G. Ribke arrangement

Giovanni Sollima, Notes Sconte for cello quartet
B 291- B 811 (a Canon)
B 16 (Leopold Cadenza)
B 243 (The Red Desert)

Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody
arrangement A. Reichel

Metallica, Nothing Else Matters
Apocalyptica arrangement

Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven
arrangement F. Burchietti

John B.Kelly, Spanish Piece

Carlos Gardel, Por una Cabeza
D. Johnstone arrangement

Astor Piazzolla, Fuga y Misterio
arrangement F. Burchietti

Date, time and location

Map pin Casinò Municipale Levanto, Levanto, SP, Italia

Calendario 5 August 2019, hours21.30

Location and contacts

Officine del Levante

organized by

Amfiteatrof Music Festival

Always at your disposal for any information

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