26 July

Amfiteatrof Music Festival – Bagpipes’ tales … ancient air sounds

Ospitalia del Mare, Via San Nicolò, Levanto, SP, Italia


Fabio Rinaudo: Bagpipes’ tales … ancient air sounds

For about two thousand years the bagpipe has been present in the panorama of musical instruments and despite its age it always has a great fascination for listeners. It would not be easy to summarize in one sentence the role it played both in the music of Western countries and in that of the Middle Eastern countries, cloaked in symbolic, spiritual and, of course, musical values.

In the Western world it has been present with certainty since the days of ancient Rome.
It then becomes one of the topos in the depiction of the nativity in the field of figurative art from the early Middle Ages. In the countries of Celtic culture it plays an extremely important role within their culture and social life.
And in the Baroque it takes on an additional symbolic value within the Arcadia movement, which is dear to the return to the elegance and harmony of the classical forms sought also in the purity of the pastoral world, symbol and expression of the complete harmony of Nature.
The lesson aims to present the bagpipe telling its historical path in music and art, paying particular attention to aspects related to Italy, France, Ireland and Scotland. Through words and music it is hoped to be able to communicate a message that can be food for thought on the great heritage linked to modal music and the magic of the drone.

Topics covered :

1) origin and history of the instrument
2) the bagpipe in the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance
4) the bagpipes of the Baroque period or the last generation of bagpipes
During the meeting, different pieces of music will be performed and images of different instruments will be shown.

Fabio Rinaudo

Musette del morvan 18 inches,
16 inch bechonett bagpipes
Irish Uilleann Pipes
Ligurian Sordellina

Date, time and location

Map pin Ospitalia del Mare, Via San Nicolò, Levanto, SP, Italia

Calendario 26 July 2019, hours18.00

Location and contacts

Officine del Levante

organized by

Amfiteatrof Music Festival

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