4 July

Amfiteatrof Music Festival, Rebel Cello

La Compera, Piazza della Compera, Levanto, SP, Italia


A journey to discover an instrument with countless facets, which loses its purely “classic” patina to acquire different and unexpected personalities every time: Stefano Cabrera‘s cello knows how to amaze the listener by making himself guitar, bass, percussion, sitar. The more acoustic sound is also accompanied by the use of loops and effects, in an effective mix of classicism and modernity. In the second part of the concert, the voice of Flavia Barbacetto will join Stefano Cabrera’s cello, in an amusing, intense and passionate dialogue for author’s music: from Gaber to Van Wood, from De André to Robert Johnson.

Date, time and location

Map pin La Compera, Piazza della Compera, Levanto, SP, Italia

Calendario 4 July 2019, hours21.30

Location and contacts

Officine del Levante

organized by

Amfiteatrof Music Festival

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