by Magda Nicora

Off from the noise and confusion summer, Levanto is reborn in a new look for autumn …

Levanto in autumn are painted with colors so warm and special that only those who “live” them can understand, the sea takes all the blue of the sky and the mountains are tinged fire warm colors, the nets for harvesting olives that stand out red the silvery green olive trees, chestnut trees that are colored in all shades of the earth and the light and then the smells: the first chimneys lit by burning wood, the smell of earth and salt that pervades the air after a day rain …


..Or Those sunny days that cuddle you when you least expect it, and almost do not seem real to lie down on the beach and be pampered by the warmth and the sound of the waves on a deserted beach …

A hot chocolate or maybe a donut by Bianchi, a tour of the  country lit by windows and the first Christmas lights

The silence of a walk to mesco interrupted by chatter away, discover the unveiled maze and get lost among the colors of the woods and olive trees in the valley of Levanto among the many villages that surround ..

And yet … the roar of the sea and the first storms, how do you explain it? You can only remain silent to observe it for hours fill the lungs and the heart of that power …


..and remain in ecstasy contemplating one of the many stunning sunsets that only the winter in Levanto know give us the wonderful backdrop of mountains and so vivid and bright colors from pervaded the valley that look almost painted by a magic hand


Levanto in winter is not for everyone, it is for those who really can understand it and love it in its simplicity and a triumph of beauty of nature…


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