Levanto and surfing have been a couple since the 1980s, when the first kids rushed into the waves following the Polynesian dream.

For a few years they were considered like crazy people willing to spend the day at sea, even out of season, but the passion for surfing is something highly contagious and from curiosity we moved on to admiration and then to emulation and today the riding the waves is a trend and as soon as the libeccio or the mistral rises the seafront of Levanto is populated by boys and girls of all ages armed with board and wetsuit.

Levanto e il surf, storia di una passione contagiosa

Thanks to word of mouth, webcams and specialized marine weather forecast sites like this one, surfers organize themselves last minute and arrive in a few hours from the neighboring regions and from Switzerland and I couldn’t be better off staying here!

I then took advantage of the last storm to venture into the waves together with the boys of Brothers Surf House and now I can say that surfing is really fun right away!

After a short theoretical course on the sand we entered the water and in a moment we were part of a community and you can only smile.

Of course, piercing the waves against the current to go offshore is tiring, especially for those who have a shoulder, neck and arm muscle not received as the undersigned, but being able to catch the wave and ride it back to shore is truly a satisfaction and creates also a bit of addiction 😉 a bit like a ski descent so to speak …

Surfing in Levanto

During my afternoon in pure Californian style I also learned a lot about surfing in Levanto:

  • first of all the bay of Levanto offers several spots and its peaks work in a variable way according to wind and tides and the conditions must therefore be evaluated a once on site,
  • the most favorable winds are the libeccio and the mistral, but it is possible to surf even when the intensity of the Scirocco is elevated
  • the depths are different and therefore the spots have well defined characteristics

Levanto e il surf, storia di una passione contagiosa

Surfing spots in Levanto

  • Pietra: at the far left of the bay, the bottom is sandy and deserves only with large swell of libeccio and mistral and being sheltered by the artificial dam behind it is surfable even with strong storm surges. The peak is located in line with the wooden jetty or slightly offshore with a particularly large sea, but it is essential to pay attention to the currents that form near the pier! The right wave produced here is powerful and often tuba bringing the pink house on the rock under the stone, while the left wave has less strength and is longer.
  • Casino: here too the bottom is sandy and therefore completely safe, but the shoals move frequently and therefore the peaks, which however generally remain in line with the stone jetty of the Stone. This spot is famous for its very long left wave, which, however, is formed only with medium to large swells.
  • Pipetta: on the right of the pier in the middle of the bay, it takes its name from the Piper, the bar on stilts that stands in front of it. The seabed is mixed and right at the peak there is a submerged dam. This spot works with swells of south-west and north-west wind, but also with the scirocco.
  • Nadia: in front of the homonymous bar on stilts on the right side of the gulf is the spot I tried 🙂 The seabed here is mixed with not a few rocks outcropping! The main peak is located next to the pier, where they tell me that the pipes wave quite frequently. With strong storms, other peaks form between this spot and Pipetta, with both right and left waves.

Levanto e il surf, storia di una passione contagiosa

  • La Gritta: near the bathing establishment of the same name, on the far right of the bay, this spot is characterized by a rocky bottom, but the real problem is the dry outcropping in the center of this mini bay. It works with swells of south-west and strong sirocco.

The surfboard for beginners

Surfing classes organized in Levanto are for everyone, meaning that they range from those for children to those for adults and are planned according to personal level, can be group or individual and of course the equipment is always included.

Thanks to the paddle-board you can also discover the small coves in caves that dot our jagged coast, you can distance yourself far enough from the shore to go snorkeling or just to relax. You can rent your table with paddle and leave or book an excursion with a guide and in this case it’s all included, even the mask and underwater camera!

Levanto e il surf, storia di una passione contagiosa
© Brothers Surf House

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