I love Levanto and its beautiful houses, mountains filled with olive trees, grapes and lemons. Here is the kindness and openness of the people who live in the small city.

The first time I visited Levanto was 1968 together with my artist father. Then I was twelve years old. Since then I have visited Levanto at least 40 times. My children have had all their summer in Levanro, in the sea and in the mountains. The area gives an inner calm.

I went many years and looked up at the mountain top Monte Rossola, so I would like to go upstairs. Now I’m going to Monte Rossola every time I visit Levanto. Levanto has given me so much, calm and beautiful walks in the mountains, experiences of the good local food and all local food products.

If you want to see the Cinque Terre area, you can walk beautifully in the mountains, go to Monterosso, a 2-3 hour walk. Levanto suits everyone, regardless of age. I highly recommend Levanto!

Håkan Carlberg, Sweden

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