Put a rainy spring day but not too much, wet roads not suitable for the bike add the fact that Federer has already been eliminated from the Montecarlo tournament making me lose any interest.

The decision is taken quickly and after a quick preparation of the backpack with kway and various capes I’m ready to go. I’m a bit indecisive, I go to Monte Rossola or to Mesco?

I decide for the promontory of Punta Mesco and I take path 573 ex 22 that goes up through the clock tower. Every time I pass here I do the usual reflection. “A path that runs along the medieval walls and a thirteenth-century tower would deserve a little more care”

The path climbs immediately, between unfortunately untended and abandoned terraces, a tree has fallen on the path , with the CAI volunteers we will remove it in the next days.

The signs must be renewed, another task of the CAI boys who are always available. Arriving in Sopramare, the dirt road becomes softer and gives me breath.

Levanto da Sopramare

The surrounding environment is well maintained and cultivated with vines and olive trees. After a short time the cultivated terraces give way to the maritime pine forest and the Mediterranean scrub with its spring colors.

I arrive at Colla Bagari in the fog, I give a couple of directions to a small group of French tourists who cannot find the way.

The indicative numbers of the paths have been changed, the French walkers were looking for the path 14, one of the routes that go down to Levanto from Colla Bagari, now it is called 573.

dai bagari a punta mesco 3

The new indications are there but if your card is not up to date you may encounter some difficulties.

From Colla Bagari I continue to Punta Mesco, we entered the Cinque Terre Park, the fog envelops the promontory, I do not see the sea but I realize I am above Monterosso when I hear the engine of the ferry that transports tourists to the Cinque Terre countries.

Le Cinque Terre

Arrival in Punta Mesco and turn right towards Levanto.

sentiero 1-3

This is the most beautiful part, the path descends gently and makes me fully appreciate the sea on my left.

A giant and splendid maritime pine collapsed, probably due to the strong wind of a month ago that caused trouble in Versilia.

After a few minutes meeting Case Lovara, the Fund for the Italian Environment is doing a great job, I talk about it here the CAI and Case Lovara.

The weather is improving and I begin to meet walkers who make the path backwards.

sent. 1

The environment is wild, a forest of holm oaks, Mediterranean scrub, rocks, cliffs and breathtaking views.

As the environment changes, the land is once again cultivated and the first houses begin. Arrival at the end of the Mesco, I take this opportunity to fill the water bottle and continue on the municipal road.

After a few minutes I leave the road and take the path that soon leads me to the Levanto sea promenade.

Distance 9.5 km.

Increase in altitude m. 606

Duration 3 h.

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