For our “Surroundings of Levanto” section, here’s Framura, a small town in the Levante Ligure just a few kilometers from Levanto, located inside one of the many inlets and coves typical of this stretch of the Ligurian coast.

It is a municipality spread with about 600 inhabitants about halfway between the Cinque Terre and Portofino, between the towns of Deiva Marina to the west and that of Bonassola to the east.

Its origin is ancient, in fact, testimonies of the III have been found. century BC and in the IX century a lookout tower was built. It was mentioned for the first time in 1128.

Framura does not exist as a village in itself, but as the sum of five settlements between the mountains and the sea, which appears suddenly. The port, built between two rocks, has a sublime charm and is tinged with pink at sunset.

Photo Credits: Viaggio Routard on Flickr

From Levanto to Framura: how to get there

Levanto and Framura are really close and there are two quick and cheap ways to cover this distance: one is the train, the other is by bicycle. Both Levanto and Framura have their station: going from one to the other costs € 2.20 and takes 8 minutes.

As for cycling, the two towns are connected by the Maremonti walking and biking path built on the track of an old coastal railway that also passes through Bonassola. It is a completely flat route that crosses several illuminated galleries overlooking the sea, with balconies and openings on the most beautiful views.

The journey by car, on the other hand, is longer and takes about twenty minutes.

Pic by @annamariagiavardi, reposted by Framura Turismo

From Levanto to Framura: what to see

Framura is the collective name given to five small hamlets of which the municipality is composed: Castagnola, Costa, Setta, Ravecca and Anzo.

These extend from the sea to the hinterland and if you arrive with the cycle-pedestrian path from Levanto the first one you encounter is Anzo. In this hamlet there is the small port, a Genoese watch tower of the fifteenth century and the neo-Gothic chapel of Our Lady of the Snows. It is below the built-up area of ​​Anzo that the Framura Railway Station is located. Instead, upstream of Anzo, it has buildings of medieval layout and here you can visit the Cappella dei SS. Bernardo and Pasquale.

The headquarters of the Municipality of Framura is located in Setta, where another Genoese guard tower of the fifteenth century stands out. In the hamlet of Costa you can admire a Carolingian tower dating from the 9th century and the Pieve di San Martino which houses a painting by the Genoese painter Bernardo Strozzi. Costa, with important artistic evidences, is a typical ridge settlement from which it is possible to control the sea and the hinterland. Finally, Castagnola offers the visitor the parish church of San Lorenzo in which the painting “The Deposition” by Luca Cambiaso, famous 16th century painter, is kept.

Photo Credits: Paul Barker Hemings – Flickr

The Municipality of Framura is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and its crystal clear sea has been awarded for several years with the Blue Flag.

A tradition perpetuated over the years and still very much felt in Framura is the Madonna del Mare, which is dedicated one of the main summer holidays, celebrated on the first Sunday of August. During this feast the rock in front of the marina is filled with candles that are lit as soon as night falls, to which fireworks are joined by the largest rock in Liguria placed right in front of Framura.

Pic by @simo_sangui reposted by Framura Turismo

Framura and its surroundings are a paradise for trekking lovers and there are many ancient paths that can still be traveled today.

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