Between Levanto and the Cinque Terre with e-bikes

Levanto, like the neighboring towns, is renowned for its sea and an enviable hiking network that connects it to the Cinque Terre and the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, offering breathtaking views of the coast and beautiful panoramic views of green valleys and historic villages.

From this summer, however, there is a new option to discover all this beauty and even a little bit more … in fact, in July the Ebikein association was founded which offers various excursions by electric bike.

The bike suitable for everyone

For the more athletic, there was already the possibility of discovering this beautiful stretch of coast riding a bike, whether on the road or along MTB trails, or by jumping down descents with a view of the sea in the thrilling downhill, but finally also people like me they can venture on a bicycle!

Alla scoperta del levante ligure con le bici elettriche

Electric bicycles, better known as e-bikes, have a small integrated electric motor to assist pedaling. The engine is activated by a handlebar control and it is possible to choose the level of assistance between eco, tour, sport and turbo. In addition to bikes, protective helmets are provided and a guide, who knows both the territory and this technology.

The starting point is at the headquarters of the association, at 4 Via Trento e Trieste here in Levanto and I recommend you always be there a little in advance. Ebikein offers various excursions, with tasting, with dinner or with “simple” sea view aperitif.

Trip to the Cinque Terre

The first excursion I attended was Vernazza, passing through the Sanctuaries of the Madonna of Soviore and Reggio.

The climb is really tough, but these bikes are magical and I did it without having any breathing problems or getting tired! I was enchanted by the spectacle of the Mediterranean scrub, its scents and the beauty of the valley with its ancient villages in a sea of green and beyond this the sea the real one, with its infinite shades and beyond that the Ligurian arch.

I look forward to retracing this road out of season, when Corsica greets us on the horizon with the clear air and the snowy Alps peek out to the west.

Alla scoperta del levante ligure con le bici elettriche

Once in Soviore, after a brief pause in the shade of the oaks that frame the square, I was pleased to see the Marian sanctuary that dominates Monterosso and the wooden Pietà of the fourteenth, so dear to the inhabitants, to then start again towards the Passo del Termine and Vernazza which seen from above takes your breath away!

The second stage of the trip was the Romanesque Sanctuary of Nostra Signora di Reggio, where the oldest cypress of Liguria is located. 23 meters high and half a meter wide, it has been considered a symbol of longevity and eternal life for eight centuries now.

Alla scoperta del levante ligure con le bici elettriche

Upon arrival in the village, before taking the train back to Levanto, my group had a tasting at the Cheo company, which is dominated by Vernazza.

But this is only one of the options offered, so consider well what is right for you before booking.

Trip to Bonassola and Framura

The first experience gave me so many beautiful emotions that I could not resist and I took part in a second excursion in a group, starting this time towards the west.

Alla scoperta del levante ligure con le bici elettriche

After a few hundred meters, Levanto suddenly appears and from this point of view it is really special. How not to photograph it framed by the intense blue of the sea? I must admit, however, that the temptation to take photos is very strong all along the way, which after hairpin bends gives surprising glimpses and bright colors.

The first stop of this trip was near the quarries of red marble called di Levanto, a marble much appreciated by Romans and Etruscans and for this reason widespread in the Mediterranean basin. the knowledge of time.

The stop includes a visit to the church of San Martino and the Carolingian watchtower, but these rise on a panoramic terrace that obscures it!

Going down towards the charming port of Framura, you will then cross the colorful villages of Setta and Anzo, small Ligurian pearls that they deserve.

Alla scoperta del levante ligure con le bici elettriche

Before continuing on to the peaceful Bonassola, along the MareMonti cycle path along the ancient railway line, you cannot miss an aperitif with a view and even a dive has its own because …

To sum it up: I enjoyed these two experiences very much and I heartily recommend it to you!

As mentioned before, however, these are pedal-assisted bikes and not mopeds … so you have to pedal, but it’s a bit like doing it on the flat, without getting tired. What a gratification!

Pedalando sul mare, lungo la ciclopedonale MareMonti

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