It is difficult to disentangle between parking lots and winding roads, so the best way to fully enjoy the Cinque Terre is to move by train or – when the season allows it – by boat. Levanto is well served by public transport and here are some practical information and timetables that can be useful to you.

By Train

From Levanto it is certainly the cheapest, simplest and fastest option: the trains depart with high frequency and connect all the villages of the Cinque Terre leaving you right downtown. In each station of the Cinque Terre you will also find a Park information center at your disposal.

We suggest as an option to move easily in the Park the CinqueTerre card train and trails: it costs 13 euros per person in low season (from November 2nd to December 31st) and € 16 in high season and can be purchased at the INFO 5 TERRE center located in the Station of Levanto.

Remember to obliterate it at the start as a classic train ticket to be able to travel comfortably by train all day with also access to the blue path and additional services.

Services offered by the Cinque Terre Card MS Card (multiservice)

  • Second class access to fast regional and regional trains (excluding IC / ICN / FB trains) on the Levanto – La Spezia route (and vice versa)
  • Access to the Park area
  • Guided tours according to schedule
  • Use of the bus service operated by ATC within the countries
  • Use of toilets for a fee
  • Participation in the laboratories of the Park Environmental Education Center, according to schedule
  • Internet surfing with WI-FI in the Park’s Hot Spots
  • Reduced admission to the Civic Museums of La Spezia (Amedeo Lia, Castello San Giorgio, CAMeC, Seal, Palazzina delle Arti, Ethnographic, Diocesan)

Here is the train schedule valid from 16 March to 20 April 2019 between Levanto and the Cinque Terre:

For additional information such as prices and condition of the trails we suggest you visit the site of the Cinque Terre National Park directly and check the train schedule from your preferred departure station by clicking here.

By ferry:

Definitely the most panoramic and evocative option, enjoying the Cinque Terre from the sea is an experience not to be missed, considering that with the boat you can also easily reach Portovenere (not accessible by train if not from La Spezia with following bus) from here , also by boat, you can visit the beautiful islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto.

The boats are managed by the “Maritime Tourist Consortium 5 Terre-Golfo dei Poeti” which offers numerous possibilities regarding timetables, itineraries and stops.

For the Cinque Terre line you can choose between two possibilities:

  • Daily excursion with stops at leisure in the Cinque Terre countries (excluding Corniglia) with a further stop in Portovenere for those departing from La Spezia or Lerici. In this case the cost of tickets varies from a minimum of EURO 18.00 up to a maximum of EURO 30.00 per person.
  • Afternoon tour with an hour stop at the Cinque Terre (Vernazza or Monterosso) and return to Portovenere or La Spezia / Lerici in the late afternoon. The cost of this ticket can vary from a minimum of EURO 13.00 to a maximum of EURO 22.00.

for info on costs and routes and times we suggest you visit the site of the Cinque Terre Tourist Consortium Golfo dei Poeti.

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