In Levanto sports lovers never get bored. This year, even those who already know the trekking and mountain bike trails will find a fantastic surprise. In addition to the renewed signage, a ring-shaped path has been opened after years: from the Clock Tower it crosses one of the hills closest to the historic center and returns to the center again.

New path: for hikers

We don’t want to repeat ourselves in adjectives such as wonderful, amazing, spectacular but unfortunately many others do not come to mind. For those who decide to walk it, we recommend starting from the clock tower, cross the orderly olive grove that overlooks the historic center and begin the climb through the pines to reach the Sopramare area, always keeping your eyes on the splendid valley of Levanto.

Once at altitude, you can continue towards Colla di Bagari, a junction with the trekking paths leading to Monterosso and Punta Mesco, or go down towards the hamlet of Sella Mereti and return to the center. It is also an excellent option for those who want to stretch out with their 4-legged friends.

New path: for bikers

But let’s move on to mountain biking. In this case you MUST ABSOLUTELY do the reverse route. Starting from the center, take the road that leads to Monterosso and turn right towards Sella Mereti. From here, proceed towards the eco-center and once there take the second road on the right.

Soon there will be specific indications but for those like me who CANNOT WAIT and have to take off their curiosity, do so. At the junction the road climbs into more or less narrow curves. The climb does not last more than twenty minutes, but as soon as you cross the hill, a breathtaking view opens up over the ancient area of Levanto with a beautiful skyline!

The Malaspina castle, the bell tower of Sant’Andrea and the villas on the seafront: this would already be enough to repay the effort, but now the descent begins so no time to relax. The departure is quick, a dip in the pine forest, a drop that leads to a long narrow and winding path that sometimes leads to more or less electrifying jumps.

The path is still narrow, so you are often stuck on a single pedal, especially out of the pine forest, when you enter the olive grove and both the panorama and the width (little) of the path force you to slow down (unfortunately). However, it’s a problem of the first time, I am sure that already at the second pass you will be competing with the stopwatch. The bike follows the path on its own, it’s only necessary to keep the balance and arrive in a short time at the Clock Tower. Once down the steps, we arrive downtown, just in time for the aperitif time. WHAT ELSE? 🙂

Pics and word by Elisa Bagnasco, manager at Camping Acqua Dolce

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