Miki restaurant and pizzeria

Pizzeria Miky Di Sgorlon Roberto, Corso Italia, Levanto, SP, Italia
Miki restaurant and pizzeria

Antica Pizzeria Miki

Miki restaurant and pizzeria is located in the centre of Levanto, 10 minutes from the train station and a stone's throw from Monterosso, in the Cinque Terre park, it also has a large room with air conditioning and two outdoor rooms. Miki is ready to welcome tourist groups (even of a certain number 70, 80 people) with personalized menus starting from 10.00 Euro with the addition of a packed lunch (two sandwiches, a half water fruit) for € 6 each, it also has menu for daily business lunches for workers, representatives and tourist groups of € 12 and € 15 (the courses are chosen daily by the management). The restaurant is run on a family level with typical Ligurian and local dishes. It also has a menu with various appetizers: first courses, main courses, side dishes, pizzas, cheese focaccias also with buffalo mozzarella instead of stracchino and desserts. Opening hours: 12 - 14.30 and 18.30 - 23.30

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