Silvia Moggia

After years as artistic director of opera between France and Spain, I manage a small hotel in Levanto and write about travel and Liguria trying not to lose sight of my North. …

SilviaMoggiaMy family always defined me as “born with a suitcase” because I was always ready and enthusiastic about every departure, both for the long annual traveling in Latin America and for short hikes in the area.

As soon as I could I moved to Paris to fulfill a childhood dream born during a surprise holiday with my mother. I stayed there for about ten years, between study and work at the Paris Opéra Then I move to Valencia to continue working in the world of opera. For years I traveled a lot for work, until I came back to the Cinque Terre a few years ago. Now I manage the small family hotel here in Levanto, I deal with tourism and travel whenever I can.

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  1. sophie dionisi on

    Bonjour Sylvia
    votre visite de Levanto le mercredi 19 septembre nous intéresse. Nous serons 4 adultes. Pouvez vous nous inscrire ? peut-on vous payer en arrivant ou vous envoyer un virement ?merci d’avance



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