Levanto has become in recent years an undisputed surfing destination in northern Italy.
The wide gulf allows the creation of “surfables” waves mostly when Libeccio winds blow and Maestrale’s but sometimes the sea is feasible even with strong Scirocco winds. The presence of sandy bottoms ( Casino and Stone), mixed ( Pipette ) and rock ( Nadia and Gritta ) allows the formation of waves of different size and quality, but the fame of Levanto- considered by many to be a “big wave spot ” – is due mostly to the size (up to 3 meters) the waves can reach under certain conditions.
For this reason , every time a storm is about to break down in Levanto, you can see on the shores real flocks of surfers, impatient, waiting for the right moment to enter.

The official recognition of the surfing circuit came soon: Levanto has hosted surf-realted events of great value as the “Quicksilver Big Wave Invitational” in 2000 and 2001, and the “Blue Salomon Games” in 2005 , events that have permanently led to the consolidation of a true surf culture in the territory.

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The waves-spots

La Pietra
It is the spot adjacent to the pink house built on the big rock south of the bay, just behind the artificial dam. It is easily reached by walking along the promenade that runs along the beach and, if you wish, you can reach the peak diving directly from the wooden pier from which the sea is calm you can take the ferry to the Cinque Terre.

Il Casinò
It is located in the center of the bay, working with medium to large swells generated by south-west winds and the Mistral , the bottom is totally sandy and you can then safely indulge in dips and falls ( wipe out) without any kind of danger.

Looking out to sea from the beach spot is placed to the right of the bay right in front of the bar – stilts ” Piper ” from which the peak is named.
The sea bottom is sandy but at the line up there is a dam submerged rocks – and – sometimes it tends to emerge, so be careful.

The wave of Nadia is definitely the one that will form more frequently.
The spot is located exactly in front of the bar – stilts ” Nadia ” – from which it takes its name – including the peak of the pipette and the pier located north of the bay. The bottom of nadia mixed rock – sand, results in the formation of waves of very good quality but need to be careful to the rocks especially in conditions of low tide.

La Gritta
The spot is in front of the beach establishments “Vallesanta” and “Nettuno”, located on the right side of the pier to the north of the bay, next to the bar – stilts ” Nadia ” .
The point where you usually surfs is attached to the cliff ; watching the sea is on the right .
The sea bottom is rocky, like a reef, and therefore it is recommended to use boots even if it is hard to touch.
Being located in the extreme north of the Gulf of Levanto the spot of Gritta only works with storm surges caused by south-west winds and sirocco off , while it is very rare that work when the Mistral blows.

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    I plan to be there around mid April next year. I will need to rent a surfboard. What will the water temp be? Should I bring a wetsuit? Also will there likely be waves at that time of year?


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