The territory of Levanto is innervated by about eighty miles of trails. In addition to the lines that connect the town to the Cinque Terre, through the national park with paths that follow the line of the coast, there is a vast network of roads that connects the 18 hillside villages with each other and with the valley floor. Almost all of the hiking trails are not difficult, they are suitable for both hikers and families devoted to walking. You will find signs indicating the distance in minutes from the closest villages.

Twice a week, the Consortium Occhioblu Levanto is organizing a “Levanto History Walking Tour” in the historical center: a guided walk to discover the history and culture of the village. The tour takes place from Monday to Friday in English and Italian, it is free and to attend you just have to call the Tourism Bureau, 0187 808 125.

To arrange your guided tour to discover the area of Levanto and the surrounding area can also contact Latitude 44: hiking, nature walks, hiking in hang gliding, boat, train or bicycle, tastings and much more.

 Passeggiate a Levanto

If you prefer to organize autonomously here are some examples of hiking trails in Levanto:

From Bonassola Levanto Walking time approximately 2 hours at a leisurely pace. It ‘s a walk without difficulty, some uphill stretch on comfortable steps. Recommended period: all year round.

From Levanto to Monterosso, duration of the journey about 2 hours and 30 minutesat a leisurely pace. Path with small difficulties (for those with children the path has some stretch in the frame). Period: predilection for spring, autumn and winter sunny days.

Blue-green trail from Deiva to Levanto, duration of the journey, about 4.30 hours with multiple stops. Medium-easy route but with continuous gradients. Recommended season: all seasons, pleasant even in winter except for a few days.

Trails of the National Park of the Cinque Terre area of Levanto is partly in the National Park of the Cinque Terre and its being referred to as “the gateway to the Cinque Terre” makes walking in the park a task not to be missed. There is something for all levels, from easy to difficult, from short to long, but surely they all share a breathtaking view.


Panorama Levanto

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