Tales from Levanto

MTB in Levanto and Cinque Terre

Levanto e l'Alta Via delle Cinque Terre in enduro

MTB, perfect to discover Levanto and Cinque Terre Travelling through Levanto and the Alta Via of Cinque Terre on a MTB is a great option to discover this part of the Italian Riviera. Nestled between sea and mountains, Liguria is the region ...

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Levanto: sea, good food and a nature to discover

Levanto: mare, buon cibo e natura da scoprire.

Levanto: sea, good food and a nature to discover Levanto to me means sea, good food and a stunning nature to discover. I daresay it’s not a bad introduction. Each centimeter of the Italian Riviera is breathtaking, and I gladly come back to ...

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A MTB tour in Levanto

Anello del Bracco da Levanto

Bracco MTB tour from Levanto Slowly exploring a region and its tourist offer is the best way to really know it. Having stated that, biking is the ideal option to discover Levanto and Cinque Terre area. A natural environment combining woods, mountains and sea in a ...

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Levanto for hikers

Trekking da Levanto a Bonassola, © Andrea Pizzato

Hiking from Levanto by Andrea Pizzato Levanto is a true paradise for trekking lovers. In addition to being the gateway to the Cinque Terre, it hides in its mountains an infinity of trails that only one vacation is clearly not enough to explore them all. Among ...

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Hiking trail from Levanto to Monterosso

Trekking da Levanto a Monterosso, © Claudia Moreschi

A hike from Levanto to Monterosso by Claudia Moreschi Overlooking the sea and lying in a green valley covered with olive trees, vines and a lush Mediterranean maquis, Levanto is a fantastic place for those who love the sea, good food but ...

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The valley of Levanto with an e-bike

The valley of Levanto with an e-bike by Elisa Pasqualetto Biking isn't my cup of tea, but I immediately liked the idea of a bike tour in the valley of Levanto. I'm not a fierce sportswoman, let's say that I might jog sometimes, but I'd never ...

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Chasing the sunset on a e-bike from Levanto to Framura

Inseguendo il tramonto in eBike da Levanto a Framura

By Valentina Paro Riding an e-bike from Levanto to Framura With a map in my hand, a fastened helmet and emergency kits in the bike bags I finally left Levanto city center on a e-bike to reach my destination, Framura. An cool itinerary, including turns, steep climbs and ...

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Family holiday in Levanto

Levanto in famiglia

By Giulia and Fabio Sonce In Levanto with the whole family One of our favorite activity, that we love to share with our children, is discovering a new region or town in a slow relaxed way, getting lost along the paths away from the touristy ...

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